Antique Orb Pewter Ashtray

  • $99.00


Step back in time to the 1960s with the Italian-made Space Age Ashtray Orb. Crafted from pewter, this celestial marvel embodies the era's fascination with outer space. The perfectly rounded orb features intricate detailing, reminiscent of distant planets, and showcases a slightly aged patina for a vintage touch. Imagine holding a piece of history that not only serves as a functional ashtray but also as a work of art. With celestial motifs and a nod to mid-century modern design, this orb is a compact masterpiece that transports you to a time when the world was reaching for the stars.

Dimensions: 5" Dia x 5" H

Made in Italy, 'peltro puro' meaning pure pewter on underside. 

Sourced in Palermo Sicily.