When life gives you lemons, Fiona will source you a vintage glass lemon juicer and a crystal pitcher. Then, she’ll probably make you a pink lemonade. Served in the most wonderful glassware of course!

After relocating the storefront from East Chinatown to its current location on Queen Street East in 2019. Fiona took to completely renovating the space, and setting up. Fiona was ready to open the new doors to the Apartment, the Universe had a different plan. The spread of the global pandemic meant that Fiona couldn’t invite her customers into her beautiful new store. However, she found other ways to bring them into her universe. A universe filled with vintage furniture and home decor beyond your wildest dreams.

Taking to social media, Fiona showcased her offerings online, often live through Instagram stories. She fielded questions, delivered directly to customer’s doors, and found that in a time where everyone was stuck inside their homes, we could all use a little light (or at the very least… better lighting).

Since then, she has reopened the store but continues to build a thriving online community full of vintage lovers, collectors and anyone that appreciates having a beautiful home filled with things you love. 

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Our showroom is located at 238 Queen Street East in downtown Toronto.

You’ll know you are in the right place when you reach a row of colourful Victorian buildings -- keep an eye out for the pink storefront.

You simply can’t miss us! Inside you will find vintage home decor and furniture from the 1960’s through to the 1990’s. With a bright selection of rare furniture pieces, unique housewares, and nostalgic items that leave you thinking of times past.

At The Apartment we don’t just want you to feel at home, we want your home to feel like you. Our shop is filled with special wares that speak to each and every person they go home with.