The Apartment: A Vintage Lovers Dream Shop


Fiona Watt 
Shop owner, lead of sourcing and design projects. 

The Apartment is a creative vintage shop located in Downtown Toronto. Our main purpose is to make your space feel like home. The best way to achieve that is by adding furniture, home decor and lighting that speaks to you, deep down! We curate everything for you so it is simple to walk in and choose what you love. 

At The Apartment we don't follow any traditional design rules, think outside of the box and most of all we do what makes us happy, both in life and in design.

Here we value objects that hold a lifelong story prior to being selected for our shop. Furniture that has lasted decades and has a unique story.

 These pieces will go on to be a centrepiece in your home and memories. 

Whether it is the coffee table that everyone gathers around for movie night or that perfect shell lamp that completely elevates your nightstand... 

We've got you covered. 

If who we are speaks to you, follow along with us on Instagram, drop into the shop to say "Hi!" or visit our online website to start creating the apartment of your dreams!



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