Grandma's Curio Cabinet

Hey everyone! I have been feeling the winter blues in full swing lately. It seems like the perfect opportunity to share some recent projects that have been happening at the shop. 

This project has been one of my favourites to work on because the results are just simply amazing. Turning dated, dark furniture into one of a kind display pieces that will reside at Toronto's new beauty spot, Bloom Beaty. You can check them out here... 

Fans of all things beautiful and girly, the owners knew they had the perfect 'before' pieces for me to work with. The curio cabinet belonged to one owner's grandmother. It has been loved for many years. 

The before photo of the vintage vanity below. 

Here is the after! I mixed up a custom white chalk paint because they wanted a silky matte finish on the furniture. Soft and girly. The gold gilding detail took hours of hand painting to complete but it was totally worth it. Don't you agree? 

The gold details were slightly too bright once completed so I did a whitewash over all of those bits to soften the finish and give the cabinet a gorgeous patina.